If you've been struggling to find a hot woman to date and hook up with, then you've been going about it the wrong way. Lucky for you, you've now come to the right place. Provided you pay keen attention to the information you're given, you should be able to turn your situation around. There's no reason for you to think that you are hopeless, even if your attempts are seeing less success than Argentina at the World Cup.

It doesn't matter what walks of life are what locations women come from. As far as finding a desirable man goes, certain checkboxes need to be ticked for girls. Your goal is to have everything in order, to make the whole situation that much easier.

Hookup Apps & Hookup Sites

It would be best if you were open to the possibility of picking up girls using these apps. While you may not believe it yet, going this route is much safer than the traditional one. Do you want to know why?

Imagine walking into a restaurant and seeing 20 beautiful women sitting by themselves. While this situation is improbable, imagine that they are also all single. Now, one of these women is willing to engage in a one night stand. Your job is the pick out and strike up a conversation with her. How are you going to do that?

The truth is, you can't. You wouldn't know enough about any of the girls to pull off such a feat reliably. Now, consider the girls who created profiles on hookup apps and hookup sites. If you want to catch a bus, you go to a bus stop. If you're going to see animals, you go to a zoo. Therefore, if your desire is the have a one-time sexual encounter with a hot stranger, you use a hookup app.

By being on these platforms, the women have already indicated that they are down to do the dirty deeds. The discovery work has already been done for you, and all you need to do is say something.

if you want to get these girls into the bedroom successfully, follow these simple steps:

Pick Up Girls

Your chances of picking up women depend on some crucial factors. Chief among them is the matter of context. Even the same woman can be straightforward to pick up in some contexts, while she is unbelievably hard in others.

Much of being able to get her interested in you is learning to read the room properly. If you're at an event, such as a party, or you're at a bar, you may find that the girls are a lot more open and less likely to try to give you a hard time actively.

It would be best to get a girl to be relaxed before, so a conversation can flow. That's the whole point with the contrasting contexts of a club versus a store, for example. There's a heightened level of relaxation in highly social situations that are based on entertainment and fun. So, even if a girl isn't usually the most open-minded person on the planet, that can change based on the context.

Your job is to combine confidence and good conversation to create a calm feeling in a girl. One she doesn't feel like she must protect herself from anything, you don't have much to worry about. Honesty is an acceptable policy, but if the only thing you want is some sex, at no point should your words or actions communicate that.

It's not about going at your pace and what makes you comfortable, as there is a whole other person who is now a part of the situation. Be confident but polite, and don't be afraid to throw in some humor to make her laugh.

Dating Guide/Tips

If you're going the dating route, the whole experience is supposed to lead to having some fun while learning about each other. It's always nice to build familiarity by going on dates, as it helps to confirm or deny your compatibility. Just don't ignore the red flags because she's good looking.

If you play your cards right in the dating arena, everything else flows into place, assuming you bothered to listen to everything that she says. Looking for places to go shouldn't be too much of a tour, regardless of where you are. Don't overthink the venue part of the decision, as you can mess things up that way.

The focal point is on you and her spending time together, regardless of what that may look like. Unless it's a surprise, you can discuss the activities beforehand to make sure that you are both interested.

If you have any neat hobbies, such as biking, skiing, etc., feel free to give her a chance to have fun the way you do. Similarly, you need to provide her with the opportunity to express what she likes and incorporate her ideas into the equation. You get bonus points for making her feel like she has a voice, so don't squander them.

Even with all this in mind, you need to find the girl before you can do anything. Here are some of the best online alternatives for that purpose:

  1. Tinder
  2. OK Cupid
  3. International Cupid
  4. Match.com
  5. Bumble
  6. Plenty of fish 
  7. Elite singles 

Seducing a Woman

Seduction is an art, and if you have any hope of getting her into bed with you, you must master it. Commit the following steps to memory, to get her to feel what you want before she even realizes what is happening:

  1. Take advantage of proximity. This principle applies both physically and where knowing each other is concerned. You must learn about the person who you're trying to seduce. Don't try to do this in a hurry, as she is going to pick up that there is something off, and she is even likely to lose interest. You don't want to create feelings of distrust, discomfort, or thirst. The last one is even more dangerous than you may think, as you can make her bored very quickly.

Local Hookups

As far as local encounters are concerned, you can still apply all the information you've been given so far. However, it would be best if you took precautions to protect yourself. As beautiful as she is, you can never rule out the darker possibilities. If you're going to hook up, ensure that you use protection. Sexiness isn't a shield from STD's and unwanted pregnancies. It's best to stay on the safe side, so you don't end up making a decision that ruins the rest of your life.

It's also advisable to use a location other than you are home. Remember that it's just a hookup, and you want to preserve some level of anonymity. You don't want to make a habit of bringing people you never plan to see again to your home. Hotels are key here, but you can use any mutually comfortable space as well.

How to Get Laid

The number one principle here is to not stick to the girl too much if all you want is to get laid. She should never feel like she is the center of attention because she's the only person you pay attention to. Women are very good at picking that up, which can lead you to spend a lot on her without ever getting the clap her cheeks.

If you want sex, stick to girls on hookup apps or those who you meet in places, such as nightclubs. It's also easier to pull this off with girls on the young adult side of the spectrum.

Secret Affairs

Hookups are predominantly done by singles who are looking to have some fun. Be that as it may, some people are in relationships and want a bit of extra fun on the side. You could be two different people in this situation. First, you could be the person who is doing the cheating. Alternatively, you could be the person who the girl is doing the cheating with. Note that these aren't mutually exclusive things since both of you could potentially have "happy" homes.

The key to secret affairs is the word secret. Don't even give her your real name if you don't have to. Some women want to know that there is someone else, and some won't give you the time of day if there is. Try to find out where she stands before making any reveal.

If she's not into people who already have someone, then it's best to keep your real relationship a secret. If she has no problem with it, then you can let her know about your girlfriend. In your case, it probably doesn't matter if she has someone else, so feel free to let her tell you if that's the case.

If you already have someone, don't leave any evidence hanging around, and try to meet up with this new "side piece" during times you'd be away anyways. The moment you start to disappear randomly is when you are setting yourself up for failure.

Casual Sex

Casual sex is free from all attachments. Read that first sentence again as many times as you must, so you can get it through your head. You cannot properly engage in casual sex if you are holding on to feelings. Sometimes, you can't stop yourself from becoming attached to someone. If you find that happening, and you have no intention of maintaining anything but a casual relationship, it's best to stop having sex.

The best way to have a genuinely casual relationship is to pick a girl whom you find undesirable as a girlfriend. In other words, she is hot enough for you to bone, but her beliefs and other qualities make her unpleasant as a life partner. When you stick to those girls, you don't want anything else but the sex, which makes for a successful casual sex arrangement.

How to Get a Girlfriend

It's best to find a girlfriend on dating apps instead of those that exist just for hookups. Alternatively, you can meet a girl at a park, at any event, etc. Prepare yourself to go through the following phases with her:

  1. First, there's the courtship phase, in which you spend as much time as you can finding out about her to become a couple. It's perfectly acceptable to go out with other people, but you both know that there is a mutual interest. Spend the time to learn about her in every way possible, as your interest and knowledge are your best assets.